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E.g. Websiter

E.g. We sell organic herbs and spices to professional chefs around the world.

E.g. Fashion design


Visual style

Keep in mind if you want a web site not in English, then probably the price will include the service of the translator.

Tip: Providing any thoughts on colors, illustration or photography will help guide designers.

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E.g. Homepage, payment section, loading screen, browse section.
Tip: Need more than 5 pages? No problem. Once your contest is complete, work one-on-one with your winning designer to finish the remaining designs.

Outline the content for each page layout and also what the main goal of each page is.
E.g. Homepage: We want a big featured image of our spices with an introduction of who we are. The page should direct customers to search or browse all our products.

E.g. Please do not use any drop down menus.


E.g. business cards, flyer, photos ...

E.g. Your current logo, photos, illustrations, content, layout ideas etc.

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